7 Sins Online Slot

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7 Sins Online Slot

7 sins slot

Some of you may know that the 7 Sins is a game for adults, which was released a few years ago. But, the game we have here is a slot game, recently developed by Swedish experts and is based on seven deadly sins common to most religions. It offers five reels and impressive 243 paylines, so winning is more than just possible.

The lowest bet is 10p, while the highest one is £100 . In addition, the game comes with a free slot bonus feature and so much more. The jackpot is 700 coins, and the maximum multiplier feature is 1.580 times. Keep in mind that the game is dark, so the user interface is slightly different than other games of this kind have to offer.

You can play the game on all devices including smartphones.

7 Sins

As we have mentioned there are dark elements in the game. The symbols include hearts, diamonds, spade, and heart. But, the main symbols are 7 characters, known as Greed, Glutton, Lust, Wrath, Vanity, Envy and Sloth. Sound familiar? Of course, there are two wilds in the game as well. The first one is lucky seven which will appear only on reels, 1, 3 or 5. When you have 7 of them, the winning is multiplied by 70 times so that you can expect severe cash flow.

The second wild symbol is double lucky 7. It will be present only on reels 2, and 4 and chances for getting it are lower than in the first case scenario. Of course, you can get seven same symbols, and this wild will replace any other symbol instantly.

In the game, all symbols are well-designed, and the attention to details is immense. They also look dark and special, so the overall appearance is enhanced or better said differently than the one you get from other slot games.

7 Sins Bonuses

Yes, the game comes with impressive and highly desirable bonuses. The first one you can get is known as Pandora’s Box. It is a symbol which will appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. It gives you seven free spins, which is excellent. Then, you can get this combination two times. If that happens, you will have to choose figures ranging from 1 to 7. You can win a cash prize or third scatter.

While using your free spins, you have an opportunity to win a maximum multiplier of 7. The deadly sin will appear on the middle reel only, and each time you see it, the multiplier will be increased by 1 time.

7 Sins Slot

7 Sins slot Bonuses

The game is one of a kind. The user interface is more focused on adults and professionals, due to strong graphics and even better sound effects. Playing the game is more appealing than most other slot games can offer and winning odds are better. Yes, the bets are low and can be increased to a high amount, which multiplied by up to 7 times can help you win a huge cash prize.



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  1. Zelda says:

    Play’nGo seems to be pretty competitive those previous couple of months, coming out with new slot releases almost every month .The 7 Sins in lifestyles has been represented in the sport by way of 7 unique visuals of girls, every considered one of them depicting a sin through their facial expressions and bodily stances. a nice wreck from seeing the usual symbols on the reels. the overall appearance of the sport appears fine but lacks punch with the aid of being now not as vibrant enough. Others might also find it irresistible as it is. I attempted this slot a few times and i lost in no time at all. This game isn’t so great, I expected more from it because it has 243 pay lines.

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