Aliens Slot

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Aliens Slot

Aliens Slot

As usual, NetEnt never fails to keep its players entertained and occupied with numerous outstanding game slots. One of the latest introduced is the Aliens Slot. The Aliens Slot offered by Net Entertainment is inspired by a movie that was released in the mid-1980s by the name of Alien by 20th Century Fox. The main aim of the player in the game is to reach the Queen Hive by passing safely through the attacks. Despite the traditional set-up of the slot, the game has managed to build and maintain some fantastic animation effects that add to the uniqueness and attraction of the game. The complete atmosphere of the game is dark and shady to retain the relevance to the theme. The music is just perfect to add up to the thrill of the game. Aliens Slot has five reels, three rows, and 15 paylines. Definitley one of the monster games to come out for a while.

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The symbols used in the game reflect entirely the theme of the movie. These symbols are found in the form of eggs of the Alien and monsters inside the game. The symbol representing a full-grown dragon is of the maximum value whereas the emblem with unhatched alien eggs has the lowest value. The symbol having the logo of Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the wild symbol. These symbols in Aliens Slot are very detailed and attractive and would keep your attention intact in the game.

Aliens Bonuses

While playing the Aliens Slot, what plays as the master card in the game is the logo of Weyland-Yutani Corporation. The logo is the one that performs the wild function. When on Level 1, the logo might appear on the 2nd reel or the 5th reel. Further, on the bonus round of the second level of the game, the logo can appear anywhere on the screen. This logo can act as a substitute for any of the other symbol of the game on the reels. Therefore, having a Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo adds your chance to form some winning combinations to gain points. The more winning combinations are made in your wheel, the better earnings you avail in your account. The game thus has a simple layout and therefore is very simple to understand and play.

Aliens Slot Review

This particular game slot offered by Net Entertainment if for sure a different and interesting concept. Many critics find it to be less interactive, but when you play the Aliens Slot, you’d see and feel the impact of its graphics on the game and you as well. Unlike the other slot games, Alien Slot has a lot to show you and to express. It can probably be the best example of the perfect combination of the slot game with the arcade gaming. The animations used in the game are worth appreciation. Not just this, the music of the game enhances its creative attraction by making it more realistic and impactful for the player. Hence, the overall review of the game is positive, and this might be something that you’ve never seen before in a slot game.

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  1. Steven Byrd says:

    This a great slot. I love it, I loved the movies as well.

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