Jurassic Jackpot

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Jurassic Jackpot

jurassic jackpot

Jurassic Jackpot, released way back in 1999, is an online jackpot provided by Microgaming with three reels, three rows, and one payline. It is mainly under classic slots with an RTP of 95.50%. It has a sister game (and more updated) Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Jackpot RTP

RTP is the percentage indicator of the return a player will get after winning a game at a casino. More specifically, RTP is the percentage which predicts how often a player can win. RTP of a game at the casino can be said as the division of Total amount required and Total amount bet. The RTP rate of Jurassic Jackpot is 95.50%, and it defines that a player will get £95.50 of his stake for each £100 played with £1 bet. This RTP is really high for players and quite beneficial also.

Jurassic Jackpot Demo

We do not always need wild symbols, five reels, and bonus features to enjoy a game. Sometimes pressing a spin button can be enough to win a combo and to get nourished with huge rewards. Jackpots are those games which do not need any of these but can make you happy with the rewards. Jurassic Jackpot consists of 3 reels and one payline. The theme is based on the movie Jurassic Park, and the slot captured the essence of that movie well. In this game, you need to spin the wheel, and after waiting for a few seconds, a combination of symbols will appear on the wheel. The majority of the combination of the symbols contains traditional bars. But here we also do have a dinosaur skull, Jurassic Park logo and a Jurassic red flower. Some combinations can make you win coins. The maximum payout can be 800 or 1600 coins according to your bet level.

Just after opening the game, you will need to select your stake. You can adjust your stake with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons underneath the reels. With the stake selected you can start spinning the reel and then watch your victory over time. If you think that you should double up your stake with the potential to win double winnings, you can use the ‘Bet One’ button. Though there are no features related to bonus terms, the logo is quite beneficial. If anyone or any two appear in your winning combo, then it will work as a wild symbol, and it can multiply your winnings 2x or 4x respectively.

Jurassic Jackpot Review

Jurassic Jackpot by Microgaming does have some great features that can make any casino game lover fall in love with this slot – its s a little bit retro now. The combinations of the symbols have a huge probability to come in any spin, so your winning is quite probable. The appearance of the logo in any winning combo can make the game more interesting. The graphics quality is great, and the playtime is smooth. The RTP is quite high also. It can give you a large bonus concerning your stake. This is a good classic slot provided by Microgaming. It sounds good also, and it is enough to feel like you are in the adventure of the Jurassic period. The symbols and the scenes do the rest to encourage the excitement of players. You should play this jackpot once to know its true potential.

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