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Sea Hunter Online Slot

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Sea Hunter Review

Sea Hunter is an exciting game which takes you deep into the ocean and helps you win amazing prizes. The look of the game will make you feel as if you are in the Nemo world. Sea Hunter is a three reel video slot where you need to get a trio of the same symbols which triggers the underwater mines. These underwater mines are wild and will be activated frequently after consecutive wins. When you win six times consecutively, you can get a free spin which will help you get at least one winning combinations. After this, your win gets increased by up to 15 times. So get ready to explore the ocean and the treasures that are hidden in it.

Sea Hunter is developed by Play N Go software, a competitor to Netent Slots

Sea Hunter Symbols

The symbols that you will find in this game are mostly that of the sea creatures which gives you a feel of being deep inside the oceans. The symbols include a turtle, an octopus, a shark, 2 tropical specimens and a variety of fishes such as a flatfish, a jellyfish, and a puffer fish. There is also a wild symbol which is that of a depth charge which helps you in forming combinations to win by replacing all other symbols.

Sea Hunter free spins

Sea Hunter Bonuses

It is the bonuses which are the most attractive feature of Sea Hunter. The bonuses can help you increase your prize by a huge amount. The Bonuses are basically in the form of cannon power-ups. These explosive mines are triggered with consecutive wins.

The following are the bonuses you get while playing Sea Hunter slot game:

  1. Growth Gun: This bonus is triggered when you get 2 consecutive wins. The shooting is done by the cannons at any 1 random symbol on the next spin. Then all symbols of the same type will get upgraded to next symbol. After this winnings will be calculated. But the wild is the one which cannot be chosen nor can it be upgraded.
  2. Sticky Shot: To trigger this bonus you need four wins consecutively. At any random symbol of one type is what the cannons will be shooting at and all the symbols which match it will stay sticky along with Wilds if any. This awards you with one free spin. If you happen to win in this spin, the meter will then be increased by one and if you lose the meter will not reset.
  3. Wild Warhead: This bonus will be triggered on five wins in a row one after the other. On your next spin, you will find 1 and 3 wild symbols placed randomly on any of the three reels.
  4. Multiply Mortar: This is the most exciting bonus in the game. To trigger this you need six wins consecutively. One Win Spin is awarded after this which is free and where you are guaranteed to be awarded a win. This is followed by the cannons shooting the reels and thus multiplying the amount of win randomly up to 15 times.

Sea Hunter Slot

Sea Hunter is a very simple yet an engaging game which keeps you involved in it as you can get amazing prizes. It has an oceanic theme with colorful symbols and triggers bonuses on consecutive wins. The bonuses in this game are pretty exciting as you get a chance to increase your win amount by up to 15 times. All of this makes this game a must try and you really need to go for it.


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